Geospatial Systems/Services

geospatial systems and servicesIntegrating GIS technology with systems and infrastructure to enhance business value

In a world of increasing business complexity, geographic information systems (GIS) provide new perspectives for every challenge decision-makers face today.

With the increased use of social media and data analytics, GIS offers a unifying element that brings relevant meaning to data—often coming from a variety of seemingly disparate sources.

Our geospatial solutions provide new insights and give our customers a competitive advantage by surfacing new relationships, patterns, and trends.

Benefits of Our Geospatial Solutions:

  • Better decision-making
    Making timely, multifaceted, business decisions is critical in today’s global business environment. GIS helps organizations make strategic business decisions by leveraging current corporate data (with the addition of location attributes). For example: site selection, routing and corridor selection, EMS evacuation planning, and land and natural resource planning.  
  • Improved communication
    GIS-based maps and visualizations have a unique ability to quickly convey complex ideas and relationships across teams, departments, disciplines, organizations, cultures, and languages.
  • Managing chronologically and geographically
    GIS has the unique ability to visualize data both chronologically and geographically in a single presentation. This provides essential understanding to tactical operational challenges and long term strategic planning.


Live Map of Active U.S. Wildland Fires

This interactive map, of the currently active wildland fires around the United States, is a representative example of our geospatial capabilities.